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“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” 

- Victor Hugo

Kerem has met with music at the age of 5 with the piano. He had an extreme interest into music even he was young. This interest led him to be a part of school chorus even in the primary school. Kerem’s interest and talent has been discovered by his piano teacher.


At the age of 10; with the influence of his piano teacher, he has entered the audition for Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Conservatory and selected with 17 students among 1.000 applicants. Mimar Sinan Fine Arts Conservatory was the first place where he met with trumpet at the age of 10. During the middle school he has continued his piano and trumpet education where the music education was mainly based on classic music.


During high school he has taken part in multiple school orchestras such as Baroque Ensemble, Turkish Movie Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Mimar Sinan Orchestra. In these times with the orchestras Kerem has took stage in venues such as Robert College, Kültür College, Süreyya Opera House. Other than trumpet, Kerem has been selected to percussion band and gave concerts with the Mimar Sinan Percussion Band.


Kerem has taken master class lessons from Allison Balsom and Gabor Tarkovi. However, near to the end of high school Kerem has grown an interest for Jazz & Blues music. In respect to this interest Kerem has decided to take his education abroad. In the first step, he applied for Berklee College of Music summer school and even though he is a classic trumpet player he has earned a scholarship for the summer school.


Afterwards, he has decided to apply for the Berklee College of Music for performance major with his trumpet. He has won a scholarship from Berklee College of Music and currently carry on his education in the Berklee College of Music Valencia campus.


Kerem’s Berklee College of Music education has started with the 2016 Fall semester. He is developing himself not only in Jazz but also other music forms such as Latin, swing, pop and film music. He has taken part in multiple projects and gave a concert in Wally’s Jazz Cafe several times and he took part in Utar Artun’s Mixed Style Ensemble.


Other than his performance in Wally’s and Utar Artun’s Ensemble Kerem has took part in various Jazz composition, productions, arranging and mixing projects.


After his first 3 semesters he has grown interest in electronic music and currently working on producing dup step pieces. Kerem has been on an exchange semester in Berklee College of Music Valencia campus and currently producing electronic music with trumpet tones in Berklee College of Music Boston.  


The music scene is constantly growing. There are hundreds of musicians who have incredible songs that they can't get out to people. I want to become an independent engineer and producer, helping new and underground musicians record their tracks and put them out there for people to discover.

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